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    Check the history and FAQ on the Firebird homepage.

  • About the author
    I've been working for a company that is developing client/server solutions using Delphi and InterBase for about 3 years now. As one year ago(July 2000) InterBase becoming OpenSource we had great confidence for the future of it. During the time we realized that Borland wasn't truly committed(not in a way we would like to see) to the OpenSource branch of InterBase. So we started looking for alternatives. Soon we found out that Firebird was the better solution for us. And beginning with Stable build 0.9.5 we ported our apps to Firebird with great success.
    After the conversion was finished I've begun thinking about how to help the community and how to give something back for all the great work which has been done for about 1 year. Because I'm not good at developing C, I decided to join the Firebird Documentation Project.
    As a result you see this website which covers mainly two topics: installation and documentation. The installation part comes from the experience I've got while creating an installer for our Firebird powered apps, the documentation part from the work for the Firebird Documentation Project.
    So I hope you will find the content of this site interesting. If you have any comments, suggestions or criticism feel free to send me an E-Mail.

    Tilo Muetze
    August 2001